EuroComment Dialogue Group


EuroComment’s stock in trade is, and will remain, independent, well-informed analysis of EU politics at the highest level. Against the background of the euro crisis, however, we launched a highly successful dialogue programme involving both public and private actors.

The centrepiece of this programme is a series of four or five dialogue meetings a year. Each meeting involves a working session of approximately 3 hours plus a working dinner of 2-3 hours. The number of participants will never exceed 25, of whom up to 12 will come from banks, pension funds, mutual funds and other investment groups, and 5-8 from the EU institutions and member state governments. There will also be up to 7 independent experts, including the chairman, Peter Ludlow.

Every meeting will be an off the record gathering of peers, all of whom can be expected to have something to contribute and from whom everybody else should be able to learn. What we want to initiate in other words is a mutual learning process based on an uninhibited exchange of views.

The meeting in Paris on October 9 with the dinner hosted by the German Ambassador to France  was a great success. On January  30 there was an interesting meeting in Madrid when a clearer picture of the new government and the challenges it faces began to emerge. The next meetings will be in Brussels where the new team of EU officials will be under scrutiny.  In May or June the group will meet in Berlin.

Inscribed companies may send a senior staff member to each meeting and a number of their staff members receive directly from the publishers, Leuven University Press, an electronic copy of Peter Ludlow’s analysis of the conclusions of the meetings of the European Council, the main political and strategic institution of the European Union.

If you feel that your company could benefit from exchanges with policy makers in these capitals and that insights into the decision making process in Brussels and elsewhere could enhance your understanding of the conditions for business in the EU please contact us. If interested just in the written analyses of European Council please contact Leuven University Press.

New publications:

The last publication by EuroComment on the December European Council, ECBN 2019/8 was published in mid February. The first publication by Leuven University Press, Pre-summit Briefing 2020/1 was published on February 19, 2020. If you subscribed to EuroComment in 2019 and your subscription does not expire until later in 2020 you should have received this first LUP publication. Please make sure that you have sent LUP your email address.

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